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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Curiosities |

The happiest countries in the world and sadder

The happiest countries in the world and sadder

The website Gallup has developed a curious ranking, the happiest country in the world and sadder, according to the answers they have given their inhabitants to a brief questionnaire. On the map I have prepared these are represented graphically, and quickly there is a tendency of many (green happiest countries, red, saddest countries).

Naturally, it should be given absolute credibility to this study, as we shall see later. It is rather curious to get an idea of what this reality in this sense, in a somewhat more complete than the study of almost three years ago . And in it, well stand for the Latin American countries: eight of the ten countries with the highest rate of positive emotions experienced recently, belong to this group. With respect to the worst positioned in this classification, it is surprising that there is only one African (Madagascar), while the remainder are more scattered. One in Southeast Asia, some in Western Asia, and others in Eastern Europe. The lists are:

10 happiest countries

  • Panama: 85%
  • Paraguay: 85%
  • El Salvador: 84%
  • Venezuela: 84%
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 83%
  • Thailand: 83%
  • Guatemala: 82%
  • Philippines: 82%
  • Ecuador: 81%
  • Costa Rica: 81%

10 most sad

  • Singapore: 46%
  • Armenia: 49%
  • Iraq: 50%
  • Georgia: 52%
  • Yemen: 52%
  • Serbia: 52%
  • Belarus: 53%
  • Lithuania: 54%
  • Madagascar: 54%
  • Afghanistan: 55%

In developing these indices, the procedure has been to conduct a questionnaire to people in every country, over 15 years, in a total of 148 countries, both by telephone and face to face. According to the percentage of positive answers, the percentages are obtained from the above lists. The margin of error is between 3’4 and 3’9%, with 95% confidence. Its authors now recognize that this type of procedure is quite likely to lead to biases and errors that undermine the reliability of the results. The questions are:

You rested? Yesterday? Did you feel respected throughout the day? Laughed or smiled? Enough yesterday? Did you learn something or did something interesting? Did you experience feelings for much of the day yesterday? Did you feel comfortable?

From this study we can draw several conclusions, as that is not associated with a higher average income levels, or the penetration of the technology (although some argue that yes ), or aspirations to obtain products. In contrast, the less unfavorable would be directly related to the duration or the recent completion of wars. And also see how, although there are significant changes, the trend of the happiest countries led by American remains half years after that study already published.

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