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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Internet, Security |

The head of U.S. Homeland Security admits not using email

The head of U.S. Homeland Security admits not using email

Janet Napolitano, in charge of the Ministry of National Security of the United States, has admitted he does not use email or any other similar platform. Moreover, he said that the isolation of the technology, could be considered as one Luddite -an ideological stance that scorns the advances in fields such as information technology. It could be considered as a mere eccentricity, except for one detail: Homeland Security might be the one primarily responsible cybersecurity strategies.

This topic has been crucial in the administration of Barack Obama. Just to give a couple of records, is an issue that has led to proposals as CISPA in Congress, or as the CSA 2012 in the Senate. Both tight control laws proposed in the field of telecommunications and gave open letter to monitoring under suspicion of threats to national security.

On Napolitano’s statement, Mike Masnick of Techdirt points out:

I do not know if some are laughing, but perhaps they should be very, very concerned. Or maybe they should ask why it is that work when it does not seem to have the necessary experience. If Homeland Security takes over cybersecurity efforts, it seems a good reason to find someone who really has a grip on what is regulating.

It seems paradoxical that a government allegedly open to technology like Obama (remember when he used BlackBerry excited us?), Are given this kind of problem. By contrast, the last period of government in the U.S. has remained always the same speech rights before safety.

Now that the issue of responsibility for cybersecurity strategy has become a “hot potato” in the federal administration, the decision is between turnársela Homeland Security, headed by Napolitano, or going to the Ministry of Defence (ie the military) or the National Security Agency (whose primary activity is espionage). Why opt what? It seems that there is no scenario in which freedom win.

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