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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Windows |

The home screen of Windows 8 in previous versions of the

The home screen of Windows 8 in previous versions of the

The home screen of Windows 8 is one of the features that are appealing to the new version of the operating system offered by Microsoft. In Redmond have thought that, contrary to what others do, offer a desktop operating system to peace adapted for mobile devices that may be a good idea, and it seems that there are many manufacturers and developers who think like them.

With a heart similar to the acclaimed Windows 7 version that currently reigns in the world of desktop operating systems, goes one step further and incorporates the Metro interface on your home screen, which replaces the home button that has been with us since the first modern versions of Windows 95 system-See and 98 -.

Hated by some and loved by others, personally I think it is an addition that does not go bad, and does not diminish productivity compared to start-menu, the truth is that everyone talks about it, but many do not know whether it is worth changing only the new operating system for the same. To them I would say prove the Consumer Preview that was launched a few months ago, or even the full version by downloading an image from Microsoft and then buying the license if they think it is worth, but installing a system from scratch can be quite tedious.

So there WinMetro , an addition to Windows XP, Vista and 7, which brings to the versions of the system in order for us to try. It comes from the hand of IOBit , and is still in beta, but can be used without problems. Its operation install goes through the usual way in which isntalaríamos any application to launch it later-it is not necessary to integrate from the beginning, and start enjoying.

The first thing we Tiles configuration is similar to Windows 8, where we can access applications such as Photo, Weather and Calendar. We may also display the famous Charms Bar, or right sidebar to access options such as search or application settings in which we find ourselves.

Of course, being an addition, applications are neither as fast nor as polished as they are in Windows, but it serves to give an idea, or to boast the Metro interface without having to have the package to Windows 8 complete. From the developer insists that this is a beta, but are working to polish the little flaws and bring anyone home screen of Windows 8 in a completely functional.

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