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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

The illegal contests on Facebook

The illegal contests on Facebook

Every day we find a myriad of promotional activities on social networking platforms. We can be those who organize, or participants, but somehow we are always aware of what is happening. However, these competitions are not always the right side of the road. Often they are completely illegal, which can be risky for pages, because they can be removed. But what happens to us as users?

Policies promotions on are very clear in many respects, not only because they are looking for a way to profit from the interest of the site, but also because they are seeking protection for users. The in Facebook must be performed always-there is no way to escape these regulations, or be Mark Zuckerberg-through applications made in iframe and externally hosted on Facebook. Obviously developing a Facebook application requires a significant amount of investment, so that many “forget” this detail and we have the classic contests.

With classic we mean a prize for the user who gather as many likes, a random drawing among all users who do like the page, a drawing among all who have shared a certain image … The most amazing thing is that users continue to make this type of competition are the most successful, because they are very simple and do not require having to connect to an application or let our data. Why it can be dangerous for us?

  • We have no legal protection: the contests in Facebook must have terms and conditions established by, among other things, the time period in which the promotion will run, the headquarters of the organizer, the award, and other things. If a contest is based on likes to save create an application, you must also have saved the lawyer. This leaves complete freedom to people who are managing the competition do what they want with the choice of winners, for example. But also, if we win, we do not have any documents, or anything, to validate it. Only have the good faith of the organizers, who can not be present. Yes, it is true that we can create a scandal in social networks, but here things are fleeting and all will be forgotten in the course of a week.
  • We do not know whether we are participating: many mechanisms depend on our Facebook privacy settings, for example, if someone else is not our friend can see photos shared from a fanpage. Thus, mechanical drawing are often dubious. Not to mention how they select the winners, which has no form is found.
  • We do not know if we will award the prize: not only do not know if we are going to present the award, but also do not know if the prize that is promised us. For example, we can go get a prize that is completely different, and we can not really say anything because legally there is nothing to indicate that we had to win one thing and not another. While there are things you can do to make the meet organizers have to see how far we are willing to go for them.

I know you are not going to stop participating in this type of sweepstakes, but it never hurts to know how things should work. So we save a disappointment later. It is always important that we know our rights as users and do respect.

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