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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Mobile |

The importance of encrypting messages in WhatsApp

The importance of encrypting messages in WhatsApp

As social networking has changed the way we communicate, within the field of mobility, mobile has radically changed our use of mobile telephony, relegating to the background the SMS and leaving almost to what is necessary, voice calls. The spectrum of mobile messaging services is widening where they operate BlackBerry Messenger (for terminals RIM), Kik or Facebook Messenger but certainly one of the most used is WhatsApp . Precisely, WhatsApp received yesterday a iOS update brings something that surely will make a big difference: the encryption of messages .

Why is so important the message encryption? So far, the messages sent and received by users through were clear, ie not suffered any encryption, a detail that many users may never have considered or never encountered and that, for example , allowed a third party that were connected to the same Wi-Fi that we could access messages circulating in the network (and actually had to do an Android app ). Logically, this lack of security made WhatsApp was not the best decision to exchange sensitive information or, for example, for use at the corporate level.

While there are many users who use WhatsApp personal and professional level, the information captured could, did to WhatsApp as an ideal way to exchange sensitive data or committed within the Wi-Fi in our company or , much worse, from a Wi-Fi open (in a public place like a mall or an event).

This decision WhatsApp, quite defendant certainly puts the service in a very interesting position because it helps to overcome the barrier to entry of the corporate world, providing service in widespread use (platform) and, from now , something safer, an interesting leap that will allow professionals rely on this service to contact more customers, coordinate their work teams or exchange information rapidly during a meeting or a conference without fear that a third party may be ” lurking “to steal information and allowing us to send information without recourse, for example, mobile roaming our connection if we travel.

Incredible as it may seem at this point, except the BlackBerry (which have safety certifications that make it suitable for use in the U.S. Federal Government ) that use default secure configurations, there are still default services do not use connections and, in fact, on Facebook or Twitter is something we must manually activate or mail services accessed via POP or IMAP via SSL encryption unused.

The only way to ensure that we establish a secure channel of communication is precisely using an encrypted channel and this requirement is critical to many business sectors (and an interesting fulcrum to monetize the service short to medium term to WhatsApp).

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