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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

The importance of the title or subject of your emails

The importance of the title or subject of your emails

We have been using and yet we still have a problem with the management of emails we receive. It seems strange at least that using email as one of our main forms of communication, every day and in almost all areas of our life, still be a big headache for many people.

One of the many details that repair is not the case (subject in English) of the email, and yet it is one of the most important in the transmission of the message, the development of the conversation and subsequent searches.

Watch unread emails in your inbox. There are probably many (yes, it’s bad for our time), but now stop at the titles of these emails. Surely you will quickly view some then read those first, or better understand a message when you have had a good subject line. The subject or topic can prepare the recipient’s email about what to read next, and that can greatly facilitate comprehension, taking action or avoid misunderstandings later.

What to consider an email to owner

  • Mention clearly what the email: To write a good email subject of exercise is a good think about it, what is your email. It’s a bit like the headline of a news. We are not saying that the titles have to be fully descriptive or indicative always, you can use the element of surprise, such as: “You know what we plan for this weekend?”, Yet you’re using the word “weekend” thereby maintaining the surprise though, the recipient can quickly realize the email theme, possible limits to answer, and relate the message sender.
  • Concrete, use keywords: with the large amount of mail we receive, we increasingly read emails using the browser. Note that later you or the other person may need to recover that email, and more specifically as titules, the easier it is to find the conversation.
  • Renew the matter: if the subsequent conversation changes the subject or decides something and the first email did not have a correct title, do not be afraid to change the subject and start a new conversation.
  • Avoid titles that are too long: can not read well on all devices and also that’s what the body of your email. Saves also here.
  • The “Hello”, “Look at this,” “FW:” or “Message Fulanito” are the best way to make invisible your email in a message stack. Do not use them, be more creative.
  • Use as a motto: The title of your email, also has a hidden function: whenever someone replies in conversation, what you put as the first subject will reread all receiving the email, so it will be a slogan often repeated in the mind of the reader. Therefore prevents unpleasant titles, and is useful to convey a theme or concept must remain the focus of the conversation.
  • Write correctly: it will be read many times, the search for the subject, and because the details matter, it is very important that the title does not have spelling errors, check it twice.
  • Do not leave the subject blank: obvious, right? He would not put it but why so many people do it? Email senders who do that the least they deserve, I think, is to send them a link to this post as punishment.
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