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Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in Internet |

The Internet Archive “migrate” to BitTorrent: over a million books, music and movies to download

In a move that can be categorized as historic for the ecosystem , The Internet Archive has started a “migration” of over a million files to download . The beginning of what will be the judgment of its founder, Brewster Kahle, the principle of “universal access to all knowledge.” The idea: make BitTorrent a distributed storage system on the Internet.

For those who do not know, the Internet Archive is a website and a non-profit organization that was founded in 1996. A collaboration between a multitude of pages thanks to Alexa Internet. Inside there are a lot of miscellaneous audio files, video and text, many of them public domain or licensed based on Creative Commons for distribution.

A bet of preservation for history on the network that includes sections with which “go back in time.” To give us an idea, more than 40 million pages recorded since 1996, at the beginning of the current Internet. Everything under the declaration of its inception, providing universal access to all knowledge.

Perhaps for this reason have decided to take this step. BitTorrent is probably the fastest way to share files with large groups of people on the network.

For several hours the site has launched more than a million of your files using the file sharing protocol. A collection of films, texts and books that you start a new chapter in the history of the organization. At the same time it is announced that all new files to be uploaded also available via BitTorrent.

According to Brewster Kahle, founder of the site:

I hope the news is received with enthusiasm by the BitTorrent community, because we love what we have built and we are very pleased to populate the universe BitTorrent library materials and file.

Since today is a great opportunity for symbiosis between the world of libraries and large files in the BitTorrent community and world.

In these moments are about 1,398,875 torrents to which they are adding hundreds of more files every hour. Why? Kahle offers the answer to Torrent Freak:

BitTorrent is now the fastest way to download our material as downloads in BitTorrent clients are simultaneously the most effective way to reach everyone.

Not only that, according to the founder himself, the idea is that BitTorrent is not limited to providing a download link, but we are working to make it a storage mechanism:

The next step is to make BitTorrent a distributed storage of content like ours. We believe it will be awesome and probably very important.

Fresh air for a system pursued by authors’ societies and entertainment industry that looks like it could go on to become a new form of access to knowledge through The Internet Archive.

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