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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Technology |

The invisibility cloak has been supported by the Pentagon

The invisibility cloak has been supported by the Pentagon

One of the classic human desires is to be able to become invisible temporarily . With other intentions, states of the world and also have a desire for their armies. That same goes U.S., who is supporting the development of a new material that allows take the form of a kind of invisibility cloak for his troops.

This is provided Daily Mail . Quantumm Stealth is the name of the technology that receives this material Canadian development. For security reasons, not allowed to show it in action, but only through photographs. The company creator, Hyperstealth Biotechnology, announced by Guy Cramer, its president, two U.S. Command and two Canadian-four separately-have seen the actual material to verify that the photos and videos that are had shown were real. The Federal Computer Emergency Response, responsible for combating terrorism, could also check live performance.

What is known so this technology is rather little. Yes that is revealed, however, that does not use cameras, batteries, mirrors and lamps. Its operation treaty through the light waves around it. And it is very light and cheap. According to Cramer, is effective, and we can only notice him if we walk right to the point where it is hidden. Although these early models now being used small, large enough to hide a person, and it shuffles to use this technology with submarines, aircraft and tanks.


It is also particularly interesting another key point of this material: the devastating psychological effect on enemy troops, knowing that the opponent can make use of this technology, enter into a paranoid spiral that could lead even hallucinations, with the constant possibility they can be attacked without seeing distant threat.

Once captured your attention, the U.S. government has been very interested in this technology, which has been directly compared to the famous cloak Harry Potter. It is the first project that seeks to achieve this milestone , as with invisible layers formed by cells of low cost but of course it is shocking that even one of the strongest armies in the world is interested in adoption and development.

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