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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Internet, Technology |

The iPad ends 2012 dominate Web traffic over other tablets

The iPad ends 2012 dominate Web traffic over other tablets

The year closes leading the tablet Web traffic with 87% of its competitors, the next to the post is the with a percentage of 4.25%, the new Nexus tablets represent only 1.06% but show growth important. This is confirmed by a study conducted by Chitika , a company dedicated to online advertising. The analysis covers only the U.S. and Canadian markets but the numbers may not vary much from the rest of the world and are a good reference for how to move the tablet market. Despite having the lead, Apple can not be trusted and that in November this year monopolized 90% more web traffic from these devices.


The study was to examine a sample of ten million impressions through the Chitika ad network for every 100 iPad impressions were generated in a 5 on a Kindle Fire, 3 on a Galaxy Tab and Microsoft Surface 0 , 22. It is important to note that these figures cover from 8 to 14 December, not yet recognized the new devices purchased by consumers this holiday season, the positions could not move dramatically and probably will continue to favor the iPad, the change would not occur in one holiday season, but every time things get more interesting in the tablet market.

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The Nexus family shows an increase of up to 15% in just one month and it is not strange that the Kindle Fire is more of the devices that you are competing with the iPad, Amazon is the only company that has been shown to compete with the ecosystem applications and services of Apple. Still no iPad Killer and a long time for that to happen because manufacturers are focused 100% on hardware and do not realize they also develop an attractive ecosystem for users and developers is the key to success.

The web surfing behavior on tablets is somewhat normal, surely Apple will lose a couple of percentage points after the holidays, but could win ahead of their upcoming releases, Apple hardware in most cases is a guarantee success in sales as there are many fans and customers loyal to the brand.

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