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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Gadgets |

The Jawbone UP is back, new features and colors

The Jawbone UP is back, new features and colors

The Jawbone UP was one of the predecessors of all that Monitoing rush of our daily lives we are experiencing lately, with examples like the Nike Fuelband and FitBit to mind. But paradoxically, shortly after that she would adopt the sale, the company had to remove the bracelet for the numerous problems that users were reporting all and returned the money to all users dissatisfied with the product, no questions asked.

Some of these problems were due to water resistance, humidity and battery problems. Now, UP has relaunched in a second attempt that seems, now, to have solved all these problems and that comes with new features, a slight redesign and especially new colors. The sale price is $ 130 U.S. dollars and currently only available physically in the United States, if we are shopping online international fashion can do so through the website at the time of writing we are commanded to expected to appear will last until 2013.

As a Fitbit and Nike Fuelband, for now the I think an interesting fusion new products. By the Fuelband because it uses the same form factor, a bracelet, which seems to me the right one, and by the Fitbit because it is not limited to the time of measuring parameters and can also measure our sleep patterns and other aspects of our departure. It has a completely new mobile application, the design is to me seems much more polished and the only fault that I find lies in the lack of Bluetooth and the plastic finish, which will have to see how it behaves in terms of dirt and wear.

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