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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Gadgets, News |

The Kindle DX is no longer available on Amazon

The Kindle DX is no longer available on Amazon

has removed from its catalog the Kindle DX , the e-reader screen of 9.7 “. After the recent updates in the range Kindle, both by including the Kindle Paperwhite as the renewal of the basic model for $69, it seemed that the Kindle DX was in limbo because neither Amazon made no move to upgrade or looked like it withdrew .

Last week Amazon announced that Kindle DX applied to a substantial price cut, from $379 to $299. This suggested to some that maybe we could see a possible renewal of the range soon. But many thought it was just liquidating stock Amazon and Kindle DX and the little life he had left. Today it was confirmed that the Kindle DX is no longer available. Yet it is a story that we take by surprise because there had been no recent updates of the model and some time spent is not any press release. If Amazon wanted normal update would have been present when he made the September event.

Gone are the time it was promised that the Kindle DX was the future of online media and we could read newspapers very comfortable. Today that role has been replaced by the tablets, while not offering a reading experience as enjoyable, if present allowing multimedia content more efficiently and also allow more fluidity when interacting with the news.

With Kindle DX out of action, is whether the future may hold some surprises unlikely, as an upgrade to technology paperwhite or electronic ink display color.

For now, and if there is any nostalgic, yet can be purchased sales associates to Amazon.

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