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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Curiosities |

The kitchen laser or draw in food

The kitchen laser or draw in food

Lately we are experiencing an invasion of high technology to domestic fields. The great boom of 3D printers now, something that some time ago we would have thought it was science fiction. But after proving their worth in the field have achieved professional and offer lower costs to the consumer market. For maybe we could see a similar effect as Japanese researchers intend to introduce in the kitchen .

Kentaro Fukuchi and other researchers at Meiji University in Japan, are beginning to think that might have applications in etching. To make these prints would use a laser cutter, I imagine that with a model suitable for domestic use. Perhaps we could imagine quite decorative or promotional uses but they have gone a little further and you can imagine other uses for etching meal.

We could toast a toast and this comes with an engraved code, which could be recognized by the phone to take us to a specific website. Or have written recipes for fajitas mass. In most normal applications could imagine snacks sponsored by certain brand, perhaps for use in an act of marketing. Or burn the vegetables with drawings for children they find most attractive.

Some of these examples could be seen in a workshop held last month in Nara, Japan, in which a conventional laser cutter, which is normally used to record wood, plastic or metal, was connected to a computer which ran a software perform graphic images. With a webcam cutting followed the path marked and could make prints in the food.

But laser uses are not limited to engraving. With more accuracy we can expect different projects related to food. One example that a bacon would have developed called “bacon fat undone” in which the bacon would crude but where the fat and cooked be undone by applying laser on it. Surely with the introduction of the most common uses laser will not stop amazing examples of its possibilities.

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