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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

The launch of the new iPhone 5

The launch of the new iPhone 5

It appears that the launch of the new iPhone 5 will be on 12 September. A wait for official confirmation from , I’m not entirely convinced it that day but that week. Multiple sources indicate that the sale of the smartphone in the U.S. and UK will be on Friday September 21.

The offering for sale in Spain and Mexico would be October 5.

The 5 most important changes of the 5

  1. New design: While the front is basically the same since he left, through all generations, the iPhone has had three designs, the original version, the 3G/3GS with a material change in the back and the iPhone 4 that reached a total physical redesign. Photos leaked parts of the device indicate new physical design, which maintains some elements of its predecessors but generally represents a total change to the new generation.
  2. Larger screen: It appears that the new will be the first to have a different screen size from 3.5 inches to 4 Retina display with 1136×640 pixels, ie 16:9. It has been discovered that iOS 6 Beta and support this screen size and an extra row of icons on the main screen. Applications not updated to this new size simply would show black bars above and below.

  3. New dock connector: This connector type has been the same since the times when Apple only sold iPods and backward has been very helpful to not have to buy new cables every time a new version of iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch . It seems that Apple is willing to change the port to a smaller 9-pinas (now has 30). The apparent advantage is that it works like the mag-safe for laptops, with magnets that secure the cable to your smartphone no matter which way you connect.

    The launch of the new iPhone 5 image 2

  4. New hearing aids: The output of the iPhone 5 will also come changes to the headphones that have not changed since the introduction of the first iPod in 2001. The web Tinthe , which in the past has shown filtered parts production lines Apple has posted pictures to detail how much will be included in the devices as “in-ear” which will also be redesigned.

    The launch of the new iPhone 5 image 3

  5. New processor and better battery: The battery of iPhone 5 could be one of the most important and where further improvements could make Apple, inheriting some key improvements that have been made in the iPad. If adapted 32nm processors (such as the new iPad A5), would get 20% more capacity and 40% reduction in space (making the device more slim). It is also rumored that lay next processor quad core which would help more optimal use of the battery.

    Moreover, it could include dual cell battery, which is being used to provide time of 10 hours in the new screen even iPad retina.

NFC, is the most notable absentee?

The Apple rumor mill and common sense seemed the iPhone 5 will be the first Apple device to include NFC technology as many of the competitors (especially Samsung) has.

NFC would allow, in addition to special features or special configurations for the phone based on the physical space where the possibility of using the phone as a payment device, something that could replace credit cards.

But recent analysis filtered the parties indicate that the new Apple iPhone has apparently chosen not to include NFC technology in the smartphone. Let’s wait to confirm the launch but also understand what Apple’s plans for credit card payments and what we propose in relation to Passbook.

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