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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Features, Technology |

The major technological fails 2012

The major technological fails 2012

The year 2012 is almost over, and this brought some spectacular events and releases in the world of technology, including marvelous new smartphones , tablets like the Nexus of Google, Microsoft Surface and iPad Mini, and general development and large scale in all fields of technology in addition to consumer electronics. However, there were also many failures and mistakes made by larger firms and trade, which will remain in our memories, and that is why today we present a list of the biggest technology fails of 2012, including such renowned companies in the field of consumer technology as Apple, and Google, among others. I have to note that the list is not in any specific order, and of course, this is an opinion piece.

Apple Maps

Apple is a company known worldwide for being totally perfectionist with detail, have impeccable designs and beautiful, manicured and more products, so it is truly understandable that Apple have released a Maps in that state, with both to improve and not only details of polishing, but add maps. Apple Maps, the application that the Cupertino replaced the native Google Maps app in iOS 6, is undoubtedly one of the biggest technology fails of the year and it is shown that the same Tim Cooks apologized for this application, and the head of it was fired. Currently, Google Maps is available on App Store , and has been downloaded several million times, thanks to the need to return to a fully functional map application.

But I must clarify something, I have no doubt that Apple Maps will improve and will be a great application in the future. This is true. My review (and criticism of many others in the world) is based on Apple should not throw until it was actually functional and not mocked of millions.

Facebook output to bag

The major technological fails 2012 image 2

Over eight years took the largest social network with more users worldwide to debut in the stock market, NASDAQ . And although all promised to be a blast, his first minutes in bag showed a rapid rise in the value of their shares and Mark Zuckerberg was very happy, everything changed in less than a day, because even if the stock price started at $ 38 and reached $ 43 in minutes, has only to fall since. Facebook Today’s action is located in the 25 U.S. dollars, and its output is considered one of the worst in a consumer technology company. In fact, experts claimed that by the end of this year 2012 the shares would fall to $ 18. At least not so low. This price will go up, but will be a while before it returns to exceed $ 30.

Nexus Q

The major technological fails 2012 image 3

Before I ask: Does anyone remember a Nexus Q ? Understand if the answer is “no”. It has certainly been one of the worst, if not the worst, launch by Google. My list of complaints about this product is really long. Come on Google, we showed the world a new strategy by placing a tablet ( Nexus 7 ) with a high-end hardware and a price of just $ 199, making direct competition to iPad and its price more than doubled, and in the same event present something it virtually the same as an Apple TV, but focused on the music, but it costs three times the white apple device, really, Google?

Every product has its flaws and disadvantages, and the family of smartphones and tablets Nexus not escape this. But still I am a fan of these products personally. And that is why I can not understand how such a mistake may have had with Nexus Q, which is not even available on Google Play Store, demonstrating their minimal or no sales. In my view, the instrument itself was a good concept, allowing anyone with an Android smartphone to connect to it and play your music. Sounds great for a gathering of friends and that everyone put what they like to hear, however, prices are $ 300 doomed from the day of submission.

Demonstration of Nokia Lumia 920 camera

The major technological fails 2012 image 4

Beginning September Nokia introduced its new terminal star, the market launch smartphones running Windows Phone 8. One of these was the brand new Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 900 successor and that comes with an improved design, better processor, bigger screen and boasting a spectacular rear camera, which has shown a video and pictures “taken with the Lumia 920 “that left the audience speechless presentation. However, what a surprise we have taken to realize hours later that the pictures and videos of the show were false .

These videos were not recorded with a Lumia 920, but with a professional camera. In fact, you can clearly see the cameraman in the images of the show. Go fail Nokia trying to mislead the public in this way. Cameras with PureView technology of this company are good, not denied, but lie in the face of this way is disrespectful to the potential consumer.

The commercials “Genius” of Apple

In July, Apple released a series of commercials for television in the United States related to the “Genius”, those employees of all App Store that help us get answers to our problems with our iDevices or Macs. However, these ads were not received in the best way by the public, since as mentioned in many websites and social networks, made to look fools users of Apple products.

In this case it seems a bit exaggerated public reaction because certainly everyone at some time have had doubts of any kind with respect to a PC, Mac or mobile device, from the simplest to the most complicated. But Apple if it took seriously the words of the public, as the ads do not air lasted even a week.

More and more social networks

The major technological fails 2012 image 5

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the major social networks worldwide the moment (with the permission of Weibo, the Chinese social network that has hundreds of millions of users), after she followed some as not desist and Google+ want to compete with the larger ones. However, although we are plagued with social networks for all, month after month of birth not stop more and more platforms targeting this environment that we simply do not succeed. Do we really want more social networks? Not enough time already spent on some sites like Facebook and Twitter? In my case I’ve tried many and most accounts closed because it simply does not appeal to me at the end.

The problem, or rather the reason for this is that the social networking market has become one of the most important and strongest on the web, and everyone wants a bit of it. No wonder that Microsoft has released (or renewed, rather) called or MySpace has revived from the dead. Winners will?? Honestly, I doubt it.

Closing of Megaupload

The major technological fails 2012 image 6

Impossible not to mention the closure of Megaupload among older technology fails of 2012, and has been one of the most important events related to the Internet of the year, of the decade and perhaps in history. The main reason for this is that the arrest of Kim Dotcom and the shutdown of Megaupload, launched a series of web censorship attempts or “witch hunt” to any online platform so be in the slightest way connected with the piracy.

For better or worse, Megaupload was widely used in the world. So much so that accounted for 4% of all internet traffic, and that’s a lot. Luckily for its founder, the case against him I can not go completely and actually prepares the Mega birth to early 2013 , and renewed by new indestructible Megaupload.

Delaying BlackBerry 10

The major technological fails 2012 image 7

Some analysts call the 2012 “lost year RIM”, because in the past twelve months there was no major release to the market by the company responsible for the line of BlackBerry smartphones and services. However, this has its reason for being, and have been cooking and preparing all out launch BlackBerry 10, the renewed and reimagined new range of smartphones this house with an interface and entirely new operating system, which will available from next January 30 .

But the delay in launching more important in years to RIM has resulted in the loss of many users, very slow and a year in its history, although fortunately in recent weeks the value of its shares has increased to an accelerated step, showing that the public wants to know BB10, and looks forward to another great alternative as in the competitive market of smart phones.

Hopefully each of these companies have learned their lesson from these mistakes and that in 2013 the list is shorter. Yet these “fails”, the year 2012 was a fascinating year for technology.

Any other worthwhile fail to remember? The comments are open.

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