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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Curiosities, Science |

The Mars Curiosity makes check-in on Foursquare Mars

The Mars Curiosity makes check-in on Foursquare Mars

Social networks and geolocation services and no borders. Literally. The has check-in with on Mars, specifically in Gale Crater.

This was announced on its website the NASA , warning that it is not a mere anecdote, but will use this platform to share their new locations throughout his twenty-month mission with any next in Foursquare . Thus, among the check-in from our friends at nearby places can intermix the places you pass the Curiosity, accompanying with photographs on business in the red planet through the application popular.

New technologies and social networking systems based on followers, instead of mutual friends, have managed to bring millions of people to their idols or anyone considered of interest in a way unimaginable without them. The practical applications have not been exhausted here, and that typically limits its possibilities only puts the human imagination. Never been easier and instantaneous trace of a space mission. NASA already has spent two years on Foursquare, but using an application surprises so common in the world, outside of it (and which of course has already won his mayoralty). Live online at the end is much more immediate communication with our friends. Already said David Weaver, associate administrator of NASA communications in Washington: This will help engage the public with the mission.

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