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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Internet |

The MEGA site begins to take its first steps

The MEGA site begins to take its first steps

One of the most anticipated releases of winter is undoubtedly, Mega and Megabox , the new project of with which, like a Phoenix, will return to the network to mark a turning point in the same way it did with Megaupload (until it was closed by the FBI). Gradually, he shows himself Dotcom small doses of what will be its music service (Megabox) and the new storage system in the cloud (Mega) and following this path, Dotcom today announced that the Mega Web is already active (though the service still is) and his ultimate mastery will .

The announcement, which was made via Twitter , invites us to visit the page that will Mega although, for now, it is redirected to . And what we find there? Obviously the service is not active yet but we can start exploring some details on it plus point us to a mailing list to receive notifications about new developments.

Jan. 19 is the date chosen for the premiere of Mega and to wrest engines, web shows us some details of how the service will be. Mega knew we would put the focus on privacy and therefore in the encryption of information, a fact that is reflected in the site in which it is said that this new cloud platform will be encrypted, which will result in the privacy of users and will also distribute infrastructure in multiple data centers (in a similar scheme to the new architecture of The Pirate Bay ).

Furthermore, Mega aims to offer users a cloud service with which they can easily share files and folders on their computers and can be mounted “units in the cloud” as if they were physical drives or folders of our local (facilitating access to information and simplify sharing files with other users).

Such an ambitious project, of course, needs the support of partners and with that idea Dotcom enabled in paragraphs oriented web hosting providers who want to collaborate in the project (and increase cloud infrastructure service) and investors who want to inject capital into the project and, therefore, extend the period in which the use is free. In addition, to complete the circle of users-investors-infrastructure, Mega also have an API for developers who want to work in applications that use the service and grow well an ecosystem around this storage service in the cloud ( an API that some developers already have access ).

The date of January 19, 2013, without doubt, is a day to mark on our calendar because, for the data to be knowing, Mega will be a service that will make people talk.

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