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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Gadgets |

The most curious gadgets universe (I)

The most curious gadgets universe (I)

Technological innovation is something simply wonderful. Engineers, researchers and innovative independent we are offering increasingly more useful and fascinating devices that meet the most diverse and unique. And it needs, there are all kinds, including some that might say anyone had thought supply, or are based on ideas almost science fiction. In this new section we introduce the gadgets Gizmodo most curious of the universe, born of the mind of the most innovative and imaginative in order to fill a need peculiar or exotic, and that someday these gadgets could be part of everyday of many people.’s imagination has no limits.

The cleaner that scans books

Many of us once we have found the task of digitizing a book entirely, and the time to invest in this, which is quite considerable. Well Dany Qumsiyeh, an engineer working at Google, has set a goal to solve this problem in their free time working independently developing a device that can not go unnoticed, thanks to its peculiar composition, and achieves excellent results.

Dany has come up a way to scan books with great speed, creating a unique device that works by moving an open book horizontally, and once scanned, passes through a suction area is driven by a common vacuum current, as many of us have in our homes. This suction is used to turn the pages that were scanned and move to the next. The tool achieved such amazing results as you can scan a book of over a thousand pages in just 90 minutes.

The engineer explained that currently is not a commercial device, as its price would be around for about $ 1500, plus missing several details to be polished, but it certainly struck by the ingenuity of this employee of Google, to come up with this solution.

It also ensures that investment is needed just 40 seconds of our time to adjust the size and thickness of the book for the machine begins its purpose.

Previously, there were some peculiar devices automatically scanned books and fast, but the speed of the invention to make it more attractive Qumsiyeh, besides the price it would cost, which promises to be much lower than the current $ 1,500, when finished machine.

Here you can see, with the help of its inventor, the presentation of this “scanner-vacuum”

The comments are open if you want to share a gadget that stands out for its uniqueness and function.

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