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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Gadgets |

The most curious gadgets universe (IV)

The most curious gadgets universe (IV)

In addition to tablets, smartphones, computers, parts for these computers, and other gadgets to which we are accustomed, there are companies and groups of developers and researchers who are dedicated not only to improve what already exists in the world of technology, but also to innovate with new devices surprising, novel and certainly very curious. In the past in the section “The most Gizmodo , and we have presented some as peculiar as the cleaner that helps to scan books or the ball with cameras to risk situations . This time we bring you a gadget that certainly call anyone’s attention.

The “Smart Glasses” Vuzix

Google surprised us last April when presenting Google Glass , his draft interactive and intelligent glasses that drew some attention of all geeks in the world, and we have so many who just can not wait for us with a of these.

However, we must be aware that, although called “Project Glass” Google was one of the pioneers of this technology (or at least presenting the way Glass does), and there are several potential rivals for interactive glasses of the search. Oakley announced that work on a similar project , and recently the company Vuzix, a company specializing in technology development and the use and application of augmented reality, has announced plans to “smart glasses”, which so far has called the M100 Smart Glasses.

The idea of ​​these glasses is quite similar to what Google is Glass, or at least what many imagine to be functioning as the Mountain View never fully elucidated. The Smart Glasses Vuzix M100 can be used as an additional screen for a smartphone, either iPhone or Android, which means that the user can view on the small screen located in front of your eye, all applications and notifications to your mobile , albeit with a large and very important condition, that the developers of these applications have been made compatible with the interface of the M100 Smart Glass, and for that, as of December launched a development kit.

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Its officials have said some of the technical features that give life to these attractive glasses, of which up to now there is no video demo, unfortunately. The Vuzix M100 feature a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 processor running at 1 GHz, which is accompanied by 1 GB of RAM and also has 4 GB of internal memory. Integrra also a camera capable of taking pictures and recording video at 720p (HD). Finally, note that the software is based on the operating system Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

These smart sunglasses are available in the market in mid-2013, according to its leaders. But at the end of December this month vowed to launch the aforementioned development kit (including a prototype of the glasses) which will cost $ 999.

No doubt this kind of devices will become increasingly common, all to facilitate and implement our interaction with technology devices. In addition, through the use of augmented reality, the possibilities are endless. And is that as we mentioned a few months ago here in Gizmodo: there are many ways in which glasses how are you could change our lives .

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