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Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Gadgets |

The most curious gadgets universe (V)

The most curious gadgets universe (V)

The ingenuity of humans is surprising, especially talking about the development of technology and solving any problems that arise through research and the creation of a device or gadget that promises to solve. Problems can range from the hardest engaged in construction, space robotics, computing professionals or home, and quirky devices created to risk situations . But also, there are peculiar or contrived cases as our please.

The car robot pet

When you feel that your pet has a lot of spare time, there’s nothing better than playing with her, take her for a walk and buy toys. In the case of birds, is a bit more difficult so an student named Andrew Grey has managed to create a gadget that curious and peculiar, as it is a car and remote control robotic birds , with which promises hours of fun for your parakeet, and is really a fantastic idea.

This car allows the use of a joystick, the parakeet drive it. Working through various electronic components and some created for driving the bird has not been easy design, but the result is amazing.

Andrew’s invention is called BirdBuggy and video demo is amazing.

The small vehicle has on the front a couple of crash sensors that achieve that if the bird while driving is an obstacle and this hits the car back off immediately. It also has an infrared sensor and a camera that will prevent the vehicle moves if you encounter a wall or a large obstacle.

But this camera has another peculiar use, and is a student of Computer Engineering at the University of Florida who created, designed a system that allows the car to go to its charging base automatically once the bird is no longer is on it, ie in the “driver seat”. Andrew Grey has solved all your budgie needs, including in the back of the car a cookie when you feel the need to, say, go to the bathroom.

A dog that knows how to drive a car

Speaking of pets and as a lover of dogs, in addition to technology, of course, could not fail to mention a wonderful organization in New Zealand, which is dedicated to creating a unique system that allows dogs lead.

“Porter”, which is the first dog driving a car in the world, was trained with love for this organization, and then, in collaboration with the division of BMW charged “MINI” , implement a system based on the extension car pedals and some other modifications, which allows the dog to accelerate and brake the vehicle crossing itself (while receiving instructions from their coach). But we must not confuse the purpose of this project, since the objective of the organization is simply reminding how smart are dogs and encourage adoption.

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