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Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Gadgets |

The most curious of the universe gadgets (II)

In Gadget, last week opened a new section, which show some of the most curious and ingenious gadgets that occur to the minds of engineers, developers, or anyone with technical knowledge and a need that needs solving. And is that imagination and creativity are not Limete, so in technology often surprise us with devices that may never thought could exist, but they could certainly solve our various problems or discomfort. In the previous game saw a vacuum that helps to scan books , today, let’s take a little advantage of our phones.

The home thermostat with Android

In this holiday season temperatures can reach very low levels, which varies depending on the day. In the comfort of our home or office, they often want to vary the temperature of the heating (or cooling in summer) depending on time every day. For this there intelligent thermostats, which are programmed by varying the time and temperature. But they have a problem, and they are really expensive for many people.

Thus was born an open source project based on looking that we can all have a smart thermostat, spending a minimal amount of money. Do you have a phone with Android operating system old, stored in a drawer? You will be interested.

Android Thermostat “is a project that seeks to some components and a simple electronic circuit, provide anyone the possibility of making their own smart thermostat. The project is still in development, but they promise that when completed, the components would cost no more than $ 30, and the software needed to operate this system will be available in Google Play Store for free. Moreover, being a smartphone with Android operating system, the possibilities are endless, as you can use the phone as a thermostat not only on screen but also can be videos, pictures, browse the internet, or even use it as a camera monitor safety.

No doubt this is a very useful and represents the solution to a problem many, without having to spend considerable sums of money for a smart thermostat and brand new. Furthermore, we can reuse in a good way, a mobile that had been forgotten.

A communicator babies with WiFi

A commercial apparatus and compared with the projects we have presented earlier in Gadgets curious , but it certainly is a great idea, especially designed for parents Geek.

This is a classic baby communicator as used by many parents in the world to listen when your children are well awake and crying or go immediately to their rooms, just that this particular model has WiFi connectivity that allows you to connect to six different devices and transmit sound either through the same network via wifi or 3G, if any of them is not at home at the time.

The Baby Wemo Belkin for now only has application for iOS devices, and its price in the U.S. is $ 90. In addition, they promise that will come to Spain with a price of 99.99 euros this coming December.

In a next installment gadgets you curious to know more. We also invite you to share in the comments any gadget that has caught your attention and may have a place in this new section of Gizmodo.

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