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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Gadgets |

The most curious of the universe gadgets (III)

The most curious of the universe gadgets (III)

In Gadget freaks are all kinds of gadgets, from computers, tablets and smartphones to game consoles. Moreover, in this new section we present some of the most curious devices that develop on the planet, as the machine to scan books that works with a vacuum or the thermostat manufactured with old Android phone . Today, two new gadgets that certainly will appeal to everyone, thanks to its peculiar features and ingenious.

Bounce a ball to risk situations

Without a doubt my favorite gadgets this installment of the most curious is Bounce, a device that is being developed by a research firm in Boston, United States, which we present in as Gizmodo and has a more than fascinating.

Bounce is something that seems as simple as a ball, but a ball that incorporates multiple cameras, designed for situations with more risk, which could achieve the best result of all save lives.

Imagine the situation: in the city of New York after Hurricane Sandy, which unfortunately brought many tragedies, a team of rescuers want to review very unstable ruins of a building in search of survivors. With Bounce, just throw this ball would be necessary to send panoramas to a mobile device as small as a smartphone (possibly to an iPhone or Android handset through an application) in order to know whether there are people trapped in the ruins, can avoid unnecessary risks for firefighters. The same could apply to a group of soldiers who need access to a building where an ambush might await them or trap.

The possibilities are endless, and his team ensures responsible use depending on different versions exist Bounce, expecting some smoke and oxygen sensors, or other with a Geiger counter and NRBQ sensor (to detect risk nuclear, radioactive, biological and chemical). While existing robots and remote-controlled vehicles for this purpose to evaluate situations and locations in order to save lives, the fact that the price of this ball start at just $ 500 makes it a lot more affordable device for any purpose).

A screen cover for iPhone

Any generation smartphone, including the iPhone of course, have a spectacular touch screen that can be used for a myriad of things, from the most typical as play games, send messages and emails, until of course use endless applications available for these devices, giving them all kinds of use and purpose. However, how would having a second screen on these devices?

That is what the guys have asked Popslate, a startup that has developed a spectacular solution for this “lack” of a second screen on an iPhone. These creative developers and certainly created a fuda for iPhone that features a 4-inch screen e-ink. that is, the same technology incorporated in electronic book readers like Amazon’s popular Kindle.

This screen uses very little energy thanks to having the technology, and although the offer as a way to personalize with any photo or photo sequence on the back of an iPhone, its use is not limited to this, as it will release an API for any developer can integrate the applications, so it will be possible to use it for other purposes like receiving notifications in the back of the phone or anything else.

The video presentation shows some of the possibilities of creating Popslate:

For now, this case is still under development, but the good news is that it has the support of the owners of patents and E-Ink technology (technology behind the screen), so just waiting on its official website that the public is encouraged with this incentive and so this case will become a reality in the market. For now, its price does not exceed 65 euros.

Week after week we will bring more devices or gadgets born from the minds of the most ingenious and most original purposes or peculiar. The comments are open to anyone wishing to comment and, of course, share some funny gadget you know.

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