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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

The music industry continues to ask Google to remove links to Megaupload

The music industry continues to ask Google to remove links to Megaupload

More than nine months after was shut down, many labels seem not to have heard. At least that’s what shows that even today, Google receives requests for withdrawal of houses allegedly infringing content Megaupload . The same goes for many other platforms as dead as Demonoid or BTjunkie.

And is that for many years the entertainment industry has complained that was not doing enough to eradicate the offending content in its search system. After complaints, this year we have seen the technology giant was a shift in its strategy to reduce the accessibility of these sites, the last, changing its algorithm so that the allegedly infringing content fell in the ranking on the “legal”.

Still, the industry continues to send hundreds of requests daily withdrawal to Google. So the company has decided to include in their transparency reports content that is asked to be removed.

The result, somewhat surreal, is that many of the major labels and anti-piracy companies do not bother to check the recall petitions are valid. On the contrary, we can see how to send dozens of petitions demanding the removal of links to content that no longer exists.

According to IFPI, BPI, Sony, Universal, EMI and Microsoft among others, Megaupload still works. At least that means the recent requests for withdrawal of links to the platform, which has not existed for more than nine months.

Not content from EMI, BIS and Microsoft are counted as many customer requests Demonoid BitTorrent. Identical situation to that of Btjunkie, who closed its doors in February but the industry still believes that its links are removed … to a site that is completely dead.

Anyway, what these data show is that the fight against piracy does not bother to check the contents topple asking, prefer to send the requests to Google and is the giant who does.

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