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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in News, SmartPhones |

The new BBM allows free calls via WiFi

The new BBM allows free calls via WiFi

is focusing most of its forces in Blackberry 10 will be launched on January 30 next year. Today, however, surprised us with a new update of the popular Messenger to version 7.0 that enables any user to call the service via WiFi due to the addition of Voice BBM.

At first glance, initiate a call via Voice BBM is a very simple task that have been integrated in a very clean system. Users will see a special icon next to the contacts that indicates if available to receive calls. As we position ourselves in the person you wish to call just press the green call key. Remember also that we can do other activities while keeping the conversation such as sending photos, return to chat or check email, ie has full multitasking capability.

Some time ago many people would buy Blackberry phones in order to use BBM so we can stay in touch with friends without fear of sticking any fright because of the bill. Later, other IM services broke and became popular in the expanding market competition. If RIM plans to recapture customers with this new feature is going to be difficult though it may change things Blackberry 10 early next year.

However, this update is great for users who use BBM often, especially for those who communicate a lot with people in other countries. Of course in app stores other applications VOIP but the advantage is that BBM Voice comes integrated with the operating system and is a convenient feature for those who use it regularly.

If you’re interested in trying it, the open beta is available today for all smartphones with BlackBerry 6 OS or higher, although they plan to release a compatible version for phones that have still BlackBerry 5 OS.

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