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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Economy and Business |

The new direction of Apple

The new direction of Apple

Continued transition gradually begins the era of post-Jobs Apple. Thirteen months after the death of Steve, is a change in the executive of the company that can become a new direction for the company.

The Monday night knew the surprising news: Scott Forstall leave Apple in 2013 . A story that caught them by surprise technological world, in an unexpected move by Apple, although they had long talked about his disagreements with Cook and other executives. The rest of the press release, with the other changes in the executive, passed into the background. He leaves which is considered the father of iOS, the mobile operating system more than five years after its release, many successes and benefits given to the company.

The disastrous launch of the iOS Maps application 6 seemed the reason for the dismissal, but today it has gone a step further stating as such his resignation to the signing of a letter of apology for it. obsessive, passionate and at the same time calculator, his features resembled those of Jobs, said from his environment. Not surprisingly, barely surpassing their twenties and was recruited by him at the stage of developing NeXT operating system. His silent good work and clever ideas to solve problems brought him to hand Jobs tended him after his return to Apple. It was still part of the development team of Mac OS X until he was appointed head shortly before starting work on the operating system that would use the new flagship of the company: the first iPhone. For presentation, and was head of the development team of iOS (then iPhone OS), since they did not get out of … until now.

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Meanwhile, the career of another of the great men of was ascending, similar to that of Forstall, but Apple going on that he spent time at NeXT. I speak of Jonathan Ive, industrial designer responsible for the design of Apple hardware. If shared with radicalism, passion and binary view of things (great or horrible), I’ve shared with a way of understanding the world through design. They are famous and long walks and shared moments of both Infinite Loop as they talked. And lapidary phrase:

He understands what we do best. If I had to choose a spiritual partner at Apple, would Jony.

The admiration was mutual Ive and Jobs. On another occasion, the designer said:

In many other companies, ideas and great design get lost in the process. The ideas that come from my team would have been completely irrelevant if Steve had not been here pushing us, working with us, and through all obstacles to turn them into products.

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These dates will mark the first anniversary of the change that resulted in the death of Jobs Apple Dome. His successor, as we all know, was Tim Cook, but moves like this, is very likely to be part of a transition that has its culmination with the allocation of powers and decision making to Ive. Apple already be in it. has been appointed head of Human Interface development. And frankly, I think is great news. The mythical designs Ive constantly surprises us with each new product are a big part of the charm and personality that is Apple. See his hand after the next update (OS X or iOS), as well as the company’s own software (iTunes, iWork, iLife or), is a guarantee of aesthetic revision as demanded by some of these products.

Ive has a brilliant mind for the design, but the march of Forstall to be associated with this new position is not good news in itself. Perhaps many iOS users are somewhat boring iOS interface nearly undisturbed over time. We may be tired of something so dear to skeumorfismo Jobs and Forstall, and Ive seem so determined and company to refocus. But Forstall was responsible for its foundations and its good reviews, or adaptation of Siri to iOS, ultimately a worker who has contributed much to Apple and is largely responsible for what is today, five years after the first iPhone , and almost fifteen since entering your computer. However, knowing his condition that his character was the most similar to Jobs from the executive, could have guessed the danger regarding corporate stability Cook wanted cut.

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I have no doubt that iOS 7 will be the biggest upgrade to this operating system has seen since Ive given the key to endow with new functionality without breaking the harmony and continuity that are part of their DNA. Something similar will happen with OS X, which I hope to continue to improve as he wraps his camaleonizaciƃ³n process with iOS.

Cook’s baton will continue to guide the company, but Ive concentrate the power to determine the aesthetic, now not only in terms of hardware. Tim has a good shot at the table in front of the voices who accused him of lacking leadership, at least over its predecessor as CEO, the passionate and full of character Steve Jobs. Now begins the cycle that has to prove the correctness of their decisions. Achieving a stable and that no users miss anyone. Especially in an era where competition exerts a suffocating pressure, especially in terms of mobile devices.

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