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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Internet |

The new Megaupload “return” the old Premium accounts activated

A little more about what the new . Through the Twitter account of by finding out the service we hope to offer the mogul. A new version will come accompanied by a strict legal protection against another potential takedown attempt . In addition, the new tool will return the old premium accounts to users.

And it explains Dotcom, both he and his legal team work mainly on a website that is tested for possible legal challenges like the present. He argues that they secure what will be the next generation of Megaupload against any attempt to kill it.

A first tweet earlier today explaining the value you are giving to ensure the new platform:

We are currently working with a large group of lawyers, developers, designers with investors and partners to create the latest version of Mega, which would be free of legal disputes.

After the tweet, many fans asked about the possibility of even trying to close potential loopholes, U.S. authorities could return to “enter” the tool. A situation that Dotcom settled with the following message:

That will be impossible. Trust me.

Not only that. Dotcom left yesterday two more messages on what will be the new Megaupload. He has agreed to rehire all employees working in the cyberlocker before being closed.

220 employees who lost their jobs as a result of the arrests and closure of the site to which they also raise the salary once you start the new tool.

Finally, Kim Dotcom ensures that all former members Megaupload premium accounts again count on the service:

Members who had Premium accounts revert to their status in the new Mega transfers with extra bonuses.

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