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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in News |

The new Megaupload will launch on January 20, 2013

The new Megaupload will launch on January 20, 2013

Throughout this year, after the close , there have been few rumors that return to the fray with a new platform. Today the uncertainty has come to an end thanks to a tweet in which the controversial computer announces his return to the January 20, 2013, just a year after his arrest.

Dotcom announced this summer that the new website would be available this year. However there was no fixed date until today that it has completed its exit for early next year. He has been leaving clues all along about his new project in his personal Twitter account. For example, last month released a video in which several artists are, implying that offer music legally.

Megaupload was once a page tremendously popular with 50 million unique visitors every day and gained celebrity support for several major American music industry until the U.S. Justice Department is in charge will take the closure in January this year .

Mega so called successor Megaupload, located all content in the cloud so that the authorities are much more difficult to access them, ensuring they will be available all the time, as did the famous recently portal The Pirate Bay downloads. It will include a cipher with which each user would be entirely responsible for their files leaving the company without knowledge of the contents of each person. Significantly, the new project will be completely legal Dotcom to prevent finish as above.

Will launch the new Mega in the day announced Dotcom? Hard to say since the United States promises to close the new Mega alleging that Kim Dotcom companies can not develop during the process of development as it would violate the conditions of his release.

Photo: Wired

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