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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Apple, Technology |

The new official Tuenti application comes to iPhone

The new official Tuenti application comes to iPhone

After months of waiting, the new official Tuenti application is available today for , completely free.

The most popular social network in Spain has around 10 million active users, who spend on average more than 100 minutes online per day.

Platforms like BlackBerry or Android, and have been enjoying the benefits of the new application since last summer, unlike Windows Phone, it does not have the time or even a confirmed date for their arrival.

Users of iOS may notice large differences Messenger Social Platform, with respect to the old application, called Tuenti Clasic.

Among the main features of Messenger Social Platform, including:

  • The chat application, which is free, will allow us to communicate with our contacts in a private and secure.
  • The new application is multiplatform. No matter if your contacts are connected from another smartphone or from the PC, we are always available.
  • Social Tuenti Messenger offers the ability to import all our contacts on our agenda, and decide what kind of relationship we have with them.
  • The new Tuenti application has a simple and intuitive design, adapting to each platform or web environment.
  • Social Tuenti Messenger keeps all encrypted communications. Our personal information is stored in the cloud and can access it even if we lose our device.
  • In Messenger Social Platform, our personal information is only visible to the contacts that trust.

Messenger Social Tuenti, which is available in Spanish, Basque, Catalan, Galician, Spanish and Portuguese, reaching users of iPhone at a time of great change for the company, which recently unveiled plans to expand into new markets.

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