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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Photography |

The new profiles Instagram retail site

The new profiles Instagram retail site

is a photo of the applications most popular smartphones. He had never dared to take the step to the so far. Recently announced that each network user would have a profile on the website in order to observe the snapshots of a more convenient way.

Instagram was until recently no social network focused fully on mobile devices, at first it was only for iOS but later released a version for Android, which caused much controversy. The profiles were only accessible via mobile, ie if someone hung a link on any social networking site, if only we opened we had access to a page showing the image only, restricting the possibilities of interaction.

Instagram has advised me today by my mobile application profile was available and then I went to see him. First, I would like to remember that Facebook acquired Instagram billion for this year and it shows: the design is inspired Zuckerberg network.

The new profiles Instagram retail site image 2

We walked to Instagram Web Profile surprising a page divided into two distinct parts.


Above all, a bar with your avatar and username right. In the next strip, much like the cover of Facebook, are some of our recent photos. They are a total of 7 pictures, a picture much bigger than the other. Also, something that really appreciate is that the photos are changing randomly giving it a much more dynamic. Just after, left sits our profile picture along with your username, real name, bio and website. On the right are placed three boxes that mark our number of images, the number of people you follow and followers.


In the actual body of the page shows all our photos ordered from latest to oldest, separated by months. The rows have 5 thumbnails. I note that the scroll is not infinite, at first as we go more images are loaded but always got to a point where you have to click on the button More … to keep browsing history photos.

The new profiles Instagram retail site image 3

Instagram wanted to give it an interactive web profiles. It has therefore implemented the ability to comment on photos and give me love. When you click on any image opens a window with the photo on the left and the comments and I like to the right. This section has not changed much since before we had access to it and looks very similar, only it was nerfed so we could not interact.


Instagram has managed to meet with websites profiles demanded what its users. So far, whenever we wanted to see pictures of people had to resort to third party websites. And although it is focused on photos taken with mobile phones is much easier to observe them from a larger screen. Note that this purpose has not changed although there webs profiles can not upload photos from them.

I honestly think that with this step that we have taken a better look at what users capture. Not the same go slowly seeing the photos on a small screen to have an overview of all of them and to enlarge the ones we care about. What you do you think of the new profiles Instagram?

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