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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Technology |

The new website is alive MEGA

The new website is alive MEGA

The new project of the charismatic Kim Dotcom has marked a major milestone in its development by launching the website of MEGA , offering a preview of what will change according to its founder the world next January 20, 2013 .

The renowned MEGA , available completely just a year after the arrest of its founder, a platform promises bigger, better, faster, stronger and safer than the previous Megaupload, and among its new features, including:

The privacy

The new encrypts and decrypts data transparently to the user via the browser aa. Users now have the keys to access the data stored in the cloud, and MEGA.

The new Mega Manager Online

In the previous platform, users had to be installed on each PC Mega Manager able to use Megaupload. Now, the high speeds of upward and downward and discharge capacity reaundar be a party built on the site of the new MEGA .

The cloud

Previously, users had to create and update the files in your folders manually. Now, the user will have access to a true cloud platform, with ability to share folders, improving collaboration in a simple line.

The data center storage

used only a pair of storage nodes located in expensive premium data centers. Now, thanks to encryption, users can connect to a large number of accommodation centers worldwide without worry about violations of privacy. Thanks to the new servers that are closer to users, the transfers of data will be faster.

Through the new Mega preview, members who want to contribute monetary funds to enable a Mega free for as long as possible, they can join the cause.

MEGA also tries to draw attention to hosting partners who are outside the United States, or developers who want to create an ecosystem thanks to propociona Mega SDK, also join what for them will be a success story.

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