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Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Technology |

The next generation of smartphones: what lies ahead China

The next generation of smartphones: what lies ahead China

When we think of classic Chinese mobile phone, we usually come to mind the image of a bad product, with a questionable design, an attempt to get many more features in the best (not so long ago of dual SIM phones , TV antenna, etc.), and a disastrous usability. This is changing, and the latest trend is to manufacture unknown brands in the world, but with impressive specifications. They patiently few years traveling the path to success.

Consider two brands already established outside its borders initial Huawei and ZTE. Yoigo, TeliaSonera’s subsidiary in Spain, was one of the first operators who bet on these terminals in early 2010. Their quality was still low, but the marks already made their entry into a major catalog to start noticing know. Had improved in 2011 as something their terminals, especially with your ZTE Blade, with its more than acceptable quality and price €69 in prepaid authentic caused waves of purchases by geeks who wanted to be done with a simple but good Android cheaply. So much so that eventually choosing Telstra removal from sale as prepaid, and leave it tied to a contract of 18 months. The brand had already found its niche: people interested in technology who found in it a perfect terminal for use as secondary, or just to tinker with it in a different operating system than the principal.

Huawei, meanwhile, gave the mediocre relay U8110 (Selina) with one with better finishes and specifications, the U8650. For 79 euros in prepaid, and in a time when Telstra was still the alternative option (before the boom of mobile virtual network operators), enjoyed considerable success. One key was that people who did not want atecnológicas pay too much for your new phone and had taken some extent this brand compared to the surprise that could take a year before. In addition, the Android factor helped, to find an operating system identical to relatives and acquaintances, or who had already experienced before. I remember this time, then I worked at Telstra.

While all this was happening outside of China, and was brewing inside moves to finish making the leap. The engineering of the country and is reaching other top manufacturers, the economy has continued to grow in the context of a global recession (along with other nations such as Brazil, Russia and India), and its cheap and effective workforce lets you sell affordable. A cocktail that results in a serious threat to major brands around the world: Samsung, HTC, Apple, Sony …

2012 is the year when everything settle the bases for what may come after. ZTE has already been hit with terminals on the table as was or Mimosa X , Huawei has done the same with some as the Ascend D Quad XL . give consumers what they demand: displays considerable recent Android operating system, and good specifications for RAM, processor, etc.. Or batteries like the Quad XL, 2500 mAh, which greatly improves on the rest. While fluency is not as high as top brand competitors, not equals high price. But it will remain low when shortly fluency and adapting the system to be as fast as its new competitors.

The next generation of smartphones: what lies ahead China image 2

The coming months will assure us bring more of a surprise. And not only Huawei and ZTE. I spoke in Gadget and the Oppo Find 5 , a terminal absolutely beastly if we take a look at its features: 5″ display at 441 dpi, four-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, 12 MP camera with Full HD video recording , 2500 mAh battery, and a wonderful design (pictured above) that culminates with a thickness of only 6’65 mm. Other brands are also making their way, for example with Xiaomi Xiaomi 2

While HTC tries to recover what was, Apple faces the challenge of following in the top, Samsung still has the obligation to keep up, Nokia is resurgence finish with the help of Windows Phone, or BlackBerry still thinking what to do to avoid death, Chinese manufacturers have a key role in technology over the coming years.

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