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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Gadgets |

The Nexus 4 finally if you can connect to LTE networks

The Nexus 4 finally if you can connect to LTE networks

The Nexus 4 is without doubt one of the most desirable phones later this year 2012, even though it is very difficult to get one, however, this phone even has some of the highest performance for a smartphone present and a ridiculously low price compared to its rivals, has also had its negative reviews, the most important being the lack of connectivity. However, developers have discovered that it really is not.

While Matias Duarte, head of development of the Android UI at some point said that Nexus LTE 4 is not because the technology is not yet finished evolving and is a poor user experience , it seems that their secret plans if included 4G connectivity on the ship Star of Google, that was just hiding in a “sleep chip” that can make use of them.

From the renowned XDA forums have discovered that with a simple modification that can make the mobile user directly from him without any advanced programming or use terminal, you can turn LTE connectivity which will work almost perfectly.

The procedure is as simple as in the screen of the phone application, dialing the code *#*#4336#*#* and then selecting the preferred point of connectivity, LTE networks.

The Nexus 4 finally if you can connect to LTE networks image 2

However, this is their “trick” or rather, their problem is that this chip only has support for LTE networks working 1700/2100MHz frequently used in Canada for example, but without support for U.S. operators States as Verizon or AT & T.

Now think a bit, what are the reasons for Google to hide this quality of mobile star? The Mountain View should know that sooner or later be discovered, so I can only think that his intentions are what I imagined when reflecting on the lack of LTE and multi-user support in Nexus 4 , is that any time soon This surely launch mobile versions for operators.

The video below shows the high data transfer speeds reaching when “active” LTE connectivity.

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