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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Tablets |

The Nexus 7 of 16 GB lowers its price to $ 199

The Nexus 7 of 16 GB lowers its price to $ 199

Today Google would develop an event where present developments in their mobile products from a new version of the Android operating system, to different gadgets such as the much speculated LG Nexus 4 , the new 10-inch tablet called the house Nexus 10 and two new versions of Nexus 7 , with a capacity of 32 GB and 3G connectivity. Finally the event has been postponed due to the hurricane threatening New York.

However, thanks to the arrival of the with 32 GB, disappear the original 8 GB and 16 GB price would drop. This until now were just rumors, but while it was suspected that Play “disappeared” 8GB version running out of stock, today a number of U.S. distributors as GamesStop and Office Depot have begun to reduce the price Nexus 7 of 16 GB up to $ 199, which means $ 50 less than the original price.

So far the 8GB version costing those $ 199, but this version was discontinued and the 16GB and achieves this attractive price. Not only this, these retail chains have listed the Nexus version 7 of 32 GB at a price of $ 249, thus confirming the rumors.

Have they received this retailer a statement by Google with the new prices of these tablets? It is the safest, and probably these price changes today would be related to the event Google would develop this afternoon, but unfortunately we have to wait a few days until the Mountain View announced the new date for the conference, and therefore that day will confirm any new product.

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Picture: Droid-Life

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