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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Curiosities, Video Games |

The Nintendo sewing machine that never saw the light

The Nintendo sewing machine that never saw the light

, like most industry giants, has had different prototypes or ideas to bring to market. Proposals that sometimes end up in major releases and many other forgotten. What is possibly nobody would have thought that among these ideas, the company is now a leader in the gaming industry nearly hit shelves of sewing machines .

And is that a former employee of Nintendo of America, Howard Phillips, has revealed through his Facebook page with the image we opened. An announcement of the 80′s with the giant announced a shift in its sales fleet, one of the most unusual accessories than we can imagine, a sewing machine.

The image is accompanied by a short text where Howard explains:

Image of Nintendo sewing machine. Hi all … Given the interest to get a better picture to appreciate it, I leave the peripheral curious … maybe Nintendo should review it for release.

From The Verge report that what might seem like a fake is not. Reviewing the period found material that LA Times reported in 1987 and the accessory . A peripheral that since the newspaper pointed as a new way of sewing “unusual”.

A device that apparently could connect to your NES of the time and the program would automatically weave patterns. The article came to report that they could weave a variety of garments such as sweaters or socks.

A business which gave possibly many turns and finally opted to turn back. The time has surely proved right but it is not unreasonable to think of how the company was looking for new horizons in the same way it has tried to progress in other ways different from the rest of the competition in the electronic entertainment.

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