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Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in Freedom of expression, Internet |

The parody site is sued and blocked in Paraguay

The parody site is sued and blocked in Paraguay

Paraguayan Readers will immediately recognize ALT1040 ABC Color , one of the most read newspapers in the country. The newspaper has been involved in some controversy after the release of , a website where anyone can create false news, which are published in a format almost identical to the digital version of ABC Color.

Of course, the site has been used to create thousands of jokes, satires and parodies. Well, not has fallen in favor of the existence of this site, so a few days ago denounced to the Computer Crime Prosecution. The rationale used daily is changing its logo and image-apparently not clear what is a parody. Although some ABC journalists and disagree with the measure, the management has taken the matter very seriously, to the point of closing under the Notes.

But that’s not all. Personnel, an Internet service provider, decided to block access to the site . The working group to adopt Creative Commons in was the first to report this problem :

The site [] allows users to create their own articles, which are published in the exact format-logo included-the original site of the newspaper ABC Color. This was interpreted by the users of social networks as a joke about prejudice and lack of rigor that permeates the practice of ABC, while a review of the civil society groups and online activists.

But they [ABC Color] chose to withdraw some of the rights of citizens rather than take a joke. When payment block users access to certain specific content sites, is breaking net neutrality, and thus depriving citizens of their right to access to public information available.

Staff is a company whose shareholder Aldo Zuccolillo, owner of ABC Color. Fortunately, the ISP recoiled his decision to public pressure, arguing that it was only “an internal recognition error.” As Global Voices points out, this type of situation much evidence of the reality of access to information in Paraguay:

Freedom of expression online is a sensitive and vulnerable in a deeply divided country where political instability worries many. Now Paraguayan citizens know their Internet service providers have the technology to censor sites quickly and are willing to do. As consumers and citizens, they should be asking all kinds of questions.

It is sad that a newspaper does not understand the nature of a parody site. For example, here in Mexico is famous for The Deform , a page out false information, based on a parody of the newspaper Reforma . By contrast, ABC showed their true colors with the complaint and blocking. Is that the kind of media that, supposedly, protecting the freedom of expression?

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