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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Windows |

The pomodoro technique through two apps Windows 8

The pomodoro technique through two apps Windows 8

In Bitelia are fans of the technique . You still do not know her? This is a very encilla to give a boost to your by distributing tasks and organize them in 25 minutes, called pomodoros, after which we can take a break of five minutes or longer one if we have met our objectives and we completed a few intervals.

That simple approach to program our brains and our attitude to perform the tasks in those 25 minutes, staying focused and avoiding distractions, which can get in the break and only at halftime. I encourage all those who still do not know the technique to try, because although you may be skeptical, as I was, will find that actually works.

And best of all, you can try and enjoy the comfort of your computer or smartphone because today is really popular. Previously I have spoken of desktop applications, web applications, Android … and today I want to find two options for Windows 8, the new operating system from Microsoft.

Task Tomato

The pomodoro technique through two apps Windows 8 image 2

The first is Task Tomato , probably the easiest way to discover and attractive technology in Windows 8. After installation through the Windows Store, we have a three-part application. The first shows the tasks already created, the second selected task and timer, and the third completed tasks.

Begin to increase productivity is as simple as inserting a task and use the start button. Then we can return to desk work, and when the interval of 25 minutes comes to an end a notification will warn us that we can take the rest. Have we completed the task? Simply mark as completed. Do we need a new pomodoro? No matter, Tomato Task allows us to use up to 4, after which we can take a longer break.

This is the first application that you must install, and will surely become one of your essential.

Simple Pomodoro Timer

The pomodoro technique through two apps Windows 8 image 3

Simplicity first. That is Simple Pomodoro Timer , an application whose only interface is that you can see in the picture: A timer of 25 minutes during which we perform the task that we want to complete. After them, we can take a breather. And there’s more, but application designers remind us the secret of success:

  • Decide the task you want to complete
  • Start pomodoro, ie 25 minutes countdown
  • Working hard to complete the task until the alarm notification and jump
  • Take a rest for 5 minutes after the 25 working
  • Take a longer break every 4 pomodoros (15 or 20 minutes)
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