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Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in Rumors, Tablets |

The price of Microsoft Surface would be $199

The price of Microsoft Surface would be $199

When Surface was introduced by Microsoft several weeks ago, generated great uncertainty about the potential cost that would have the tablet to the final consumer. Rumors were swift, and even speculated with values ranging between 599 and $1,000.

Other “less pessimistic”, taking into account the words of Steve Ballmer for the time, put a price much closer to $300. Very similar to other ARM tablets available on the market.

Today, just over two months of the official launch rebuilds strong rumors , this time, much more optimistic for consumers, since now there is talk of a price that would be just under $200.

Should this information (although we have to wait some time yet), Microsoft would be sacrificing some of their profits, and even if they do not know yet the exact product manufacturing costs, the company could be losing money on every sale. All this as part of the strategy to compete directly with the newly introduced Google Nexus 7 and Fire Amazon Kindle.

From my point of view, to prove this, Microsoft’s strategy is not crazy, as they have a product that, at least initially, looks pretty good, with excellent performance and sophisticated design that, at that price, is sell like hotcakes. What almost surely mark a very successful debut for RT and the front door entrance of Microsoft into the world of tablets.

On the other hand, I draw much attention to the level of integration can have Windows 8 by being present on the desktop and tablets, with the advent of Windows Phone 8 to a new line of smartphones. From the point that Windows is the most widely used operating system, many consumers may opt for Surface, beyond price, for reasons of convenience. Since we can enjoy a complete experience, something similar to what Apple has achieved with their products.

In short, the price of Surface will impact directly on the success of Microsoft in the coming months, so you have to think very well. Meanwhile, we have to wait until the next day on October 26, to have a clearer idea of what might happen.

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