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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Internet |

The Prime Minister of France victim of a cyber attack

The Prime Minister of France victim of a cyber attack

Although the world of cyber-espionage and cyber warfare may seem removed from a script made in Hollywood, are real and, in recent times, a major concern for the governments of countries around the world, increasingly, efforts and resources devoted the protection of their information systems and critical infrastructures. Cyber war is not only focused on the defense and, in fact, countries like the United States convened, openly, to businesses to show them “weapons” to fight in this new battlefield. Names like Flame are familiar and, as companies, are an example of how governments develop worms and malware in order to attack or spy on other nations. That the U.S. attempt to sabotage the Iranian nuclear program, perhaps from within what we can expect and almost no surprise, but what happens when ends sneaking into the Prime Minister of France ?

This is the big question asked today some European media after yesterday in L’Expansion published an article recounting some computers of the Prime Minister of France, who is based at the Elysee Palace, had been infected a worm that had been spying on the activities of those teams. So what’s the problem? According to the modus operandi and the evidence gathered, it seems that the worm is the famous Flame and, of course, that makes the U.S. look.

The U.S. Embassy in France, through a spokesman, was quick to deny these allegations claiming that is one of his most loyal allies and the Director of Homeland Security United States also said something similar but apparently doubt has already been planted.

Apparently, the computers of some of the closest advisers to the President of the Republic, Franxois Hollande, have been victims of malware (including the Chief of Staff to the President, Xavier Musca.) The Prime Minister has confirmed the cyber attack though, logically, did not provide any information about the origin of this despite the current information suggests that the entry point would have been Facebook.

According to reports the French newspaper that published the item, a staff of the presidential cabinet would have received a link to a page that emulated a service of the Elysee intranet to capture user login credentials and also install spy software would spread to several computers on the network. This malware, which is assumed to be Flame, have been taking screenshots of the infected computer screens and even could activate the webcam and microphone to capture images and sound environment.

Although the case seems to be known after the second round of the presidential elections, held in May, have not so far come to light and, upon detection, the National Agency for Safety Systems Information (Anssi) of France have employed three days to restore systems and the Prime Minister to come clean infected computers even after being contacted by Le Monde, has declined to make any statements or comments about this case.

A attack “friend” or “enemy”? Surely the Government of France will open an investigation but I doubt that light go on its findings and, above all, the source of the attack.

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