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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Video Games |

The purpose of PlayStation 2

The purpose of PlayStation 2

No less than 12 years have passed since the PlayStation 2 debuted in the market and has become the best selling console in the world surpassing the 154 million units in that time. But nothing is forever, and that’s why Sony, today, announced the end of an era, the end of PlayStation 2.

The dismissal of the previous market console from the Japanese giant will be progressive, and announcing that they have stopped distributing the PS2 in Japanese territory, so once stock runs out they have stores in this country, and not receive new batch of PS2 to offer the public.

Of course, even though it has only been announced for Japan this measure, we should not be surprised that in a couple of months later than repeat this decision to other territories such as the U.S. or Europe, and there to be absolute and definitive.

And not only is that almost 13 years have passed since his debut, but says his successor, the PlayStation 3 , will be updated within one or two years with the so-called PlayStation 4 , so PS3 will be the console ” economic and previous generation “when it happens, it will be as predicted in 2014.

PlayStation 2 had several versions, from the largest and monstrous was born in 2000, which had several problems and bugs (which were repeated problems with the first PS3) Slim model so that both will be remembered, as it has been the best-selling and is so far still getting on the shelves of stores.

In addition, there are numerous titles that will not be forgotten, as my favorite of that generation: the epic Final Fantasy X, or other as popular as Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, the first Devil May Cry, God of War (1 and 2) and the spectacular Shadow of the Colossus. It was full of wonderful console exclusive games but also full of shared games that surprised, like Grand Theft Auto that made the leap to three dimensions.

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Besides all this, the PlayStation 2 was the first console to go beyond being “just a video game platform” to achieve being a multimedia entertainment center, thanks to its ability to play movies (DVD) and music discs, options then also came on the first Xbox.

Although Microsoft’s console was the most powerful of this generation, was the most popular PS2 and sales record of being the best selling console in the world and in history, even surpassing the Nintendo DS, is shown. That is why to PlayStation 2 brings nostalgic fans of video games, although we will always have many memories of so many hours in this generation enjoyed.

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