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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Economy and Business |

The reason for the dismissal of Scott Forstall

The reason for the dismissal of Scott Forstall

Yesterday, sent the press release in which he gave the surprising news: renovations in its executive , the most startling change the firing of Scott Forstall for 2013.

Until his final departure, will remain as an advisor Forstall Tim Cook, CEO of the company. Today, the blog Bits of The New York Times has revealed the cause of his dismissal. And is that while many had been brought to his disagreements with Tim Cook, the fact of being a favorite of the late Steve Jobs (Apple took him from his time at NeXT), or a low level of satisfaction with their work in iOS, the trigger would have been different.

Apparently, refusing to sign the letter of apology for the maps was the event that triggered his dismissal. A little over a month, Tim Cook was the one who finally signed the letter of apology for the mistakes and shortcomings of the new application information mapping iOS 6. A letter should be considered Cook signed by the development of iOS. And it refused to sign, claiming that the complaints were exaggerated.

In the statement released by Apple, in its normal business secrecy informative wielded as an argument only further encourage collaboration in the enterprise. Employees who preferred not to be identified, have said as much Browett Forstall (Head of Retail, the sales department of the Apple Store) have been dismissed.

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