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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Apple |

The renewal of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in June would without design changes

The renewal of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in June would without design changes

The renewal of the and from Apple, reports Digitimes , might be to early summer, in June 2013. It appears, though, that we would find no major changes as it only speaks of renewal domestically, while the exterior design would be identical.

This renewal date MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro is not new as it is within the schemes of things hoped for Apple products. According to this source, we would see only changes internally. It is not something to be surprised if the MacBook Pro since its renovation was done in June this year, including better processor, more RAM, USB 3.0, Facetime HD camera, the long-awaited and a design change . So upgrading to component level is expected, but something seems strange. The MacBook Pro is a portable yet feature-pointer so I do not think they touch what works.

Moreover we have the renewal of the MacBook Air which also speaks of an upgrade at the component level. But here we have a laptop with a design that while still remains very much alive if it would not be unreasonable to think of an update. The current is the end of 2010 with what is now more than two years.

While a design makeover would be welcome but unlikely, may not be so crazy to think in a Retina display, to balance the entire notebook line. Within the MacBook internal improvements are expected to lead the new processors Intel Hanswell. This improvement would provide a higher performance processor and double the processing power of the GPU, so that it might be the hardware required to use the Retina display fluently.

We will see that these rumors are and if we can enjoy the Retina display Apple ultraportable.

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