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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in News |

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini comes tomorrow

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini comes tomorrow

The Galaxy family of Samsung does nothing but grow and grow and tomorrow will present a new member of the family: the Samsung S III mini. Last week we reported on the rumor Gizmodo on the possible introduction of this device on October 11.

The president of Samsung, JK Shin, has confirmed the rumors and said that the younger brother of the current flagship of the company, the Samsung Galaxy S III , will be presented tomorrow at a special event in Germany in the city of Frankfurt.

JK Shin did not reveal many details about the technical features of the new phone. That if demand reported that 4 inches terminals in Europe is quite high and they in that category now call it ‘mini’. Some time ago the guys at offer phones with large screens beyond 4 inches but until recently this was a standard size in the market so to speak.

In awarding him the name ‘Mini’ assume that the phone will be priced lower than the current Galaxy S III. However, it should be noted that Shin made clear that there would be an entry smartphone and mobile would be a worthy of belonging to the high-end as the picture accompanying the entry you publish on rumor Samsung released the phrase “Something big can be small. And something so small can be great. “

That quote is what allows us to assume the good features it will have. However, by simple hardware question, if made smaller will want to dispense some things to reduce the space as such could be the case of a lower capacity battery. Anyway, there is no doubt that they will try to do my best.

The Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is a terminal for those wishing to have a good end without giving up a good performance and good price. Tomorrow, as we know more, we will give more information about what this Gizmodo Samsung in the event.

Photo: BoyGeniusReports

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