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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Screens and TV |

The Samsung Smart TV will receive a new Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart TV will receive a new Smart Hub

Samsung surprised us at the last CES 2012 to present a spectacular TV that had the word “intelligent” to another level, as they not only have access to internet and other applications like your family called “Smart TV”, but also has amazing control methods based on voice recognition and motion capture. However, the Koreans plan to renew the user interface of these TVs to launch a new Smart Hub through a major upgrade.

In Gizmodo already made a Smart TV ES8000 analysis and as a result we realized that his nickname “the TV with Siri and Kinect” is not an exaggeration, because it really can control it in a wonderful way with hands gesturing air (at Microsoft Kinect style) and voice command, although this aspect needs to be improved (at least in Spanish).

But the TV interface called remains very similar to the previous models of smart TVs, and that’s why Samsung announced a new Smart Hub during CES 2013, according to the images that have appeared on your Flickr profile official .

Before this we must pay close attention, because just look at the picture above we can realize that the intention of is even closer Smart Hub interface to the control system through intuitive gestures, placing applications and orderly buttons in good size boxes ideal for easily bring the cursor (guided by our hand) to them. In addition, the new Smart Hub interface has been simplified and therefore looks much nicer than the last.

Something very interesting is that in the picture you can see a TV with the same look of the previous 8000 series, which includes the base whose design is just beautiful. This could mean that CES have saved for the surprise of a new hardware, or simply the appearance of the new TVs that could arise in this great event which will look the same as last year.

Anyway, Samsung promises to have a wonderful, full of new and amazing products. For the new Smart Hub and more, we just have to wait a couple of weeks.

Image: Flickr .

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