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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Storage |

The slow death of external storage devices

The slow death of external storage devices

2 years ago I bought a MacBook Air that I changed a unibody MacBook first time (those who were not Pro as all that began to be sold later). My unibody had a pair of ports, DisplayPort, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and several GBs of storage and RAM, and everything a next-generation computer had. These features are listed a DVD burner. Everything worked perfectly, I was surprised with the first Apple product that was purchased and from that moment I thought never to use at least Windows (and I say this because my time in Linux was so short that I can not make a judgment true value). But not here to talk about it, but the recorder.

I used this reader, in the two years I had the computer until I changed the Air that I have now five times. Literally. All during the first year. I am a journalist and write for a living. Using technological devices I have, mostly for writing, watching movies, TV shows and music. No file is too large to really what I do.

Gradually I stopped using not only the reader but also the and external hard drives. Without these gadgets a few years ago could not have lived. Today I use to store my writing Google Drive and the rest of my files in Dropbox . Not yet paid for the service, but the day approaches the time to fill the free space I will without a doubt.

In a world where connections are getting faster, but really it is far from ideal and as we would like to store a 200MB file on the network and download or play via streaming depending on what type of content is something the most simple. Some time ago if I wanted to carry a text file, a video or some pictures or yes have had a flash drive or burn a CD or DVD, depending on weight. Today I can upload it in minutes and download it in less time (no, not most symmetrical connections).

Clearly, education is still lacking in this regard. Clearly, for my mother, who still has trouble using MSN or get any other information that Google would be insane to save data in a computer, then sync and download another. For it is much simpler convey what you want in a flash drive, but over time, as with everything, the cloud will begin to be used as the sole means of file transfer. It is clear that data speak for home users. Big servers that provide services will continue to need places to do your backups but even this will be important only for providing services. A small business, quietly, do your backups on an external server, for example, Google and Dropbox.

Still missing and not just users, but by the speed of connections. If we have a 2GB file (could say the trilogy of The Godfather , for example), download to a user of a home in Argentina, which is where I write, it will take several minutes to an ideal case and several hours in a case much more real. Clearly, this is unbearable. Anyway, for small files, the speaker stopped using external storage devices for quite some time. If I had a connection as there are in Sweden, now in Kansas thanks to the project Google Fiber , would have shelved forever.

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