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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Curiosities, Hardware |

The stadium of Boca Juniors will have fiber optic and Wi-Fi high speed

The stadium of Boca Juniors will have fiber optic and Wi-Fi high speed

Fibertel, the new sponsor of the Argentine soccer club Boca Juniors, equip the stadium Alberto J. Armando-better known as La Bombonera, with Wi-Fi high speed . In America it is increasingly common for sports venues have such connections (specifically, in the NFL), but in Latin America will be the first to have these facilities.

will have about 60 antennas to provide network coverage to the entire property. Any attendee can use the connection open, are amateurs, journalists and employees of the club. According to Martin Mendiguren, manager of system, the idea is to provide the stadium with connection points is to allow fans to “share with the world the unique experience of being in the Bombonera”.

Sounds like a great initiative. I have had the opportunity to be on both sides of the podium, as well as a sports fan side. For those who cover the game, they will send the information almost immediately, helping sites stay updated to the minute. This, of course, is beneficial for the flow of information and used by those unable to visit the stadium.

Amateur side, I agree with Mendiguren. Social networks play a leading role when we are in big events, be it a concert, a football game or any other event. Upload pictures or send tweets and is part of the social dynamic . In that sense, the effort of Boca Juniors and is commendable, not only because it serves as an excellent promotion for the club, but because it gives the fans another reason to attend the property.

In addition, this contrasts with the position they have taken other bodies such as the International Olympic Committee and the monitoring of open networks during the London 2012 Olympic Games, or the refusal to go up images are on Twitter or Facebook for copyright infringement. Boca Juniors do not know if it will be raised and these scenarios, but for now, it seems they are very open to people to share without restrictions.

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