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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Freedom of expression |

The Swedish Pirate Party denounces the banks for blocking Wikileaks

The Swedish Pirate Party denounces the banks for blocking Wikileaks

The Swedish has formally charged by Swedish banks have been discriminated against WikiLeaks, as since 2010, have refused to pay different platforms allowing the organization donations to Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks needs donations to survive, they also allow it to fulfill its principle of not advertising on your web host that might influence its content, its leaks. In one of his campaigns to get more donations in 2010, received a blow. Several platforms such as VISA, MasterCard and even PayPal, began blocking these transfers, leaving a very complicated situation to WikiLeaks . If these payments conducting channels said no, little remained to be done.

A month ago, Europe was proposed to develop a legal framework to prevent such blockages . A perfect backdrop for the Pirate Party, which is willing to act for justice to take over Swedish that have been producing a blockade they consider illegal because no legitimate reason for banks that are behind these platforms payment put that obstacle.

The Pirate Party sees as unacceptable and arbitrary attitude serious concern, so has decided to press charges against Swedish banks to the Finansinspektionen, the body that monitors abuses of power and banking. The preamble of the Pirate Party’s next move: the regulation of card payment platforms to prevent the recurrence of blockages as well. Pursuing a person attempts to condition the payments made according to whether the recipient is or is not to your liking. And apparently a month ago, are on track. The belief is reflected in the words of Erik Lönroth:

Blocking is a serious threat to freedom of opinion and expression. The payment platform can not determine what organizations can and can not receive donations. Also present these charges will clarify whether current banking regulations are sufficient or whether to adjust the rules to protect freedom of expression.

Lönroth not only speaks for WikiLeaks, other Swedish companies have been there. Sex shops or specialized film libraries in the most extreme horror films have also seen how platforms were denied standard payment for nothing more than arbitrary, thus condemning companies with potential to completely legal and certain death. The supervisor of the Finansinspektionen, Johan Terfelt, has already confirmed these charges:

Now is the time to investigate what happened and assess the causes, if any, to intervene. No room for arbitrariness, and if the law says no legal basis to deny payment, then it must be processed.

Later, and with more of a torment behind, as the asylum of Ecuador and the grotesque in the UK embassy , but it seems to be starting to clear up the picture slightly to WikiLeaks, who to get get the reason for the right Sweden would have a little more strength in their particular combating several Goliaths.

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