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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

The tablets devour sales of e-readers

The tablets devour sales of e-readers

By the end of this year, sales of e-readers have fallen by up to 36% compared to last year. So what determines a study by IHS iSuppli. The battle of e-readers vs. tablets  seems that tilts in favor of since 2016 is estimated to increase demand to 10 times more.

Companies like Amazon understand market behavior designing products like the Kindle Fire, an Android-based tablet is offering more features like color screen and audiovisual content. This was once the only tablet that could compete with the iPad and that set the trend of 7-inch tablets.

Figures announced as the tablets market devour e-readers, but the sale of these devices will not die completely as other gadgets because they offer some advantages:

  • They have more autonomy in their batteries.
  • Using electronic ink (screen not hurt the view).
  • They are comfortable for reading in most cases.
  • It is even possible to read the reflection of sunlight.
  • They have no distractions like social networking applications, email and other tablets offer.
  • The price is usually much smaller than a tablet (in some cases).

The user is currently seeking a gadget that will take her to perform various tasks simultaneously, other devices such as MP3 players and GPS are also reducing their for the same reason. It seems that this is a topic of renewed or die, a clear example is the new device Kindle Paperwhite including WiFi connectivity, capacitive screen and backlight retro adjustments to suit the user configurable to provide a better reading experience, not to mention that the price fits any pocket.

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