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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Curiosities, Photography |

The Time magazine cover that was taken with an iPhone

The Time magazine cover that was taken with an iPhone

A few days ago, Time magazine came out with a cover story titled “Lessons from the storm” (in Spanish, “Lessons from the Storm”). The central image shows a wave caused by Hurricane Sandy, who recently hit the East Coast of the United States, Canada and some Caribbean islands. If we look closely at the picture, there is something peculiar is a kind of grain in the image, typical of catches that pass through a filter or are taken in poor lighting conditions. Here are two: the cover photo was taken with an iPhone camera and edited with Hipstamatic.

The author of the image is Ben Lowy, who has a habit of getting into rough terrain to practice photojournalism. Wars, natural disasters, risk areas … that’s where he likes to be Lowy. However, far from using a professional camera like the rest of his colleagues, he is armed with two iPhone 4S phones (one is a spare, you have to be cautious). His rationale is simple: it is a small camera is what you need for the type of tasks performed.

Not only that leverages Phone Edition software to adjust their images. Although not a big fan of using filters, Lowy admits using Hipstamatic or Snapseed to fix the color balance or add effects of grain-like cover. Another advantage that is used to phone in their field work is that upload images to the Time Instagram account , allowing you to quickly share them with people.

Of course I use an does not always have all the advantages. First, note that other photographers Lowy so often away, because those who do not know it as a tourist or amateur. Also have complaints about the performance of the phone camera in dim light, or the inability to control the shutter speed or depth of field, something any professional or semi-professional team can achieve. Same must travel several complement batteries because the iPhone does not work pays for both.

I think we should go beyond the discussion on the brand and focus more on a professional photographer considered as a working mobile phone. As you say, with all its limitations, can achieve spectacular catches (cover worthy, even). In this sense, both the portability and the social component crucial to understand his decision.

Also rescued one of their final answers. When asked whether he did not care to use an iPhone, said that any can have a pen, but not everyone can draw. Quite right. The truth is that, with few resources, achieved a quite remarkable. You see, not see your phone (or failing that, any camera you have) as a limitation, but as an opportunity.

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