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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Science, Technology |

The Titan supercomputer is ready for scientific research

The Titan supercomputer is ready for scientific research

With the idea of maintaining a unique asset in the world that is able to analyze with greater speed and efficiency climate changes occurring on the planet, Titan, the second fastest supercomputer in the world, is ready to begin operation in the development of open scientific research .

A team that is powered by Nvidia to be a Jaguar system upgrade and will be in operation in Tennessee at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. A project where university researchers, government laboratories or different sectors may use the computer in an approach that will have as its main protagonist climate change and alternative fuels.

According account Steve Scott, chief technology officer at Nvidia:

Why we need to use this equipment so big? The reality is that they are needed because society has big problems. We have health problems, many diseases that find a solution, an aging population growing faster … Energy is a major problem facing the world and increasingly need these computers to solve problems.

The team is expected to be operational start this week with up to 61 scientific and engineering projects at once, with the potential to accelerate new avenues for innovation. There are six main areas that will address:

  • Code scientific material: Basically, this section will examine materials atom level to understand their properties. It also means finding a way to build new materials with superior properties in terms of strength, weight or other characteristics.
  • Climate change: Scientists seek answers answer to what is happening on the planet, how to change the situation and adapt to it.
  • Biofuels.
  • Nuclear Energy: Technology can be used to stimulate the flow of neutrons in fusion and fission. This includes the study of new forms of fusion energy safer, cleaner, and new fuels that burn faster and more cleanly.
  • Combustion: Titan combustion simulation allows for researchers to try to optimize the fuel, the design process and the engine for a cleaner fuel.
  • Astrophysics.

For Steve Scott:

All these areas have enormous social benefits of the real world and need high-performance computing to carry them out.

And is that none of these areas would be possible without the massive computing power provided by a team like Titan, a system that believes the second most powerful supercomputers in the world current. To give us an idea, Titan is 10 times more powerful and uses five times more energy efficient than the Jaguar. A system capable of performing 20,000 trillion calculations per second, or 20 petaflops using the GPU.

A supercomputer that will serve the greater scientific and alternative fuels to improve our planet.

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