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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in Curiosities, Video Games |

The translucent green original Xbox goes on sale on eBay for $ 5,000

The translucent green original Xbox goes on sale on eBay for $ 5,000

In the last hours has appeared for sale translucent green version of the on eBay, which just 60 units worldwide in the hands of Microsoft employees or collectors are all signed by Bill Gates.

Howard Phillips, the owner of this sale Xbox, Nintendo was employed during the decade of the 80s. Later in his career he ended up working at in various roles, including a key member in the team launching the original Xbox in 2001.

For Howard, this is the holy grail of every collector passionate about the history of the Xbox, which until now could only dream of having a device that is in the company’s headquarters in Redmond, in his hands.

The entire lot that goes on sale on includes several elements of the original release package which employees Xbox team tried to evangelize in private events game developers at the time.

  • The prototype of the original Xbox with two polished metal knobs with illuminated logo, Xbox, weighing about 11 kilos.
  • The logo launch of the original Xbox, baseball cap, black shirt with green logo on the chest used by personnel during launch Microsoft internal offices.
  • Entrance of E3 2001 where officially presented to the consumer device.
  • One of the first cards 12 month Gold subscription to Xbox LIVE to be launched in 2002.
  • Several labels, buttons, keychains, pens and all kinds of goodies original Xbox.

Bids for this lot only available in eBay starting with a staggering $ 5000, although it was not surprising that a collector bought it quickly.

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