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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Internet, Technology |

The trends of internet-connected TV

The trends of internet-connected TV

During 2012 increased to 40% using the Internet-connected TV in U.S. households compared to previous year, video game consoles, smart TVs and Set Top Boxes mainstream media to consume audiovisual content online. This was revealed by a survey of consumers conducted by Forrester Research. It’s no surprise that TV will become the home screen to consume video content over the Internet, the product offering in the market each year increased significantly.

It is noteworthy that the consoles are leading the market of video consumption in televisions with 42%, it seems that Microsoft and Sony’s efforts to offer value-added entertainment content platforms is paying off. Moreover, the adoption of Smart TVs is slow but sure, 19% of people use a. Finally, devices like the Apple TV are only used in 14% of cases.

The more services that are used to consume content today are Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. It is important to note that the survey was conducted in elderly, perhaps the numbers would increase significantly if added data use by minors.

The main advantages of having a TV connected to the Internet:

  • Availability of on-demand services.
  • No ads or greatly diminish.
  • Browse and search the internet.
  • Integrates with your mobile devices.
  • It lets you keep in touch with friends and family through social networks.
A trend that we will see in the future will be connected televisions using ads that will fit your tastes as a user, as they currently do companies like Google with its advertising platform on mobile devices and the web. The electronics industry is developing new consumer insurance products focused on the connected TV market Internet, remember that CES 2013 is just around the corner.
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